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Audible Physics

RAM 1 A Tweeter Driver Pair

$ 135.00 $ 199.99

The RAM 1 A by Audible Physics is an advanced 18mm tweeter driver designed and engineered for Car Audio Enthusiasts. Efforts were placed in the design of this driver with only one intention in mind and that is to satisfy the most critical audiophiles. The RAM 1 A is intended for a 3 way configuration and when combined with the RAM 3 A with the RAM 6 A mid bass driver, we are confident to bring car audio listening to a whole new level.  Sold in pairs.

RAM Automotive Loudspeakers Specifications:

Overall Diameter: 49mm / 1.929"

Cutout Diameter:  46.5mm / 1.437"

Mounting Depth:  15mm /  .59"

Shipping Net Weight:  .2 lbs

Nominal Power Handling: 50 watts

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Sensitivity:  93 db / watt / meter

Frequency Response: 1705 – 20,000 hz

Resonant Frequency: 1705 hz

DC resistance: 3.8 ohm

Qms: 2.814

Qes: 4.777

Qts: 1.77



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