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Audible Physics

Audible Physics NZ3 AlBe Wideband Drivers Full range

$ 333.00 $ 619.99

The NZ3 AlBe (Aluminum / Beryllium cone) is Audible Physics' premium 3" driver and is intended for use in the best hi-end car sound quality and home audio systems. 

Its sweet treble, transparent midrange, and extended low frequency response make for a truely incredible driver.

These drivers are for those who want the ultimate front stage in their car, drivers for a compact near-field desk-top monitor project, or a fully fledged floor standing line array powered by quality valve or solid state amplification.  

These drivers are a true wide-band / full range driver capable of covering a frequency range of about 250Hz to 20kHz when mounted between 0 and 20 degrees off axis from the listener.


Driver features:

  • 3" Beryllium / Aluminum foil cone with rubber surround
  • High grade neodymium magnet
  • Integrated protective grill


  • Frequency response: 250Hz - 20kHz
  • Overall dimensions: 91mm
  • Cut-out diameter: 75mm
  • Mounting depth: 30.7mm
  • Nominal Power Handling: 15 watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: dB/w/m
  • Max linear excursion: +/-0.5mm
  • Minimum recommended sealed volume: 500-1000ml

Sold as pairs

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