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Audible Physics

AUDIBLE PHYSICS AR3-A 3" Wideband Driver

$ 117.00 $ 175.00

The Audible Physics AR3-A is a classic home audio DIY driver that many people have come to love. It’s known to be very smooth and has exceptional lower midrange weight.   The AR3-A Midrange was originally designed for home audio and     can also work well in car audio applications.  For car audio applications, please note that the cone have a tendency to discolor due to the lack of UV protection. The discoloration of the cone will not affect performance in any way. No warranty for discoloration of the cone.  A tweeter is recommended with the AR3-A.  Sold in pairs.


Overall Diameter: 88 mm / 3.46”

Cutout diameter: 74 mm / 2.91”

Mounting Depth: 1.7”

Net Weight: 2.75 lbs

Nominal Power Handling: 15 watts

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Sensitivity: 83.6 db / w / m

Frequency Response: 93 – 20,000 hz

Resonant Frequency: 93 hz

 DC resistance: 3.8 ohm

Magnet system type: Ferrite

Magnet Gap Height: 3 mm /

B flux density: 1.1 T

BL: 2.084 TM

Max linear excursion:

Cms: 1.090 mm / N

Sd: 28.274 cm sq

Vas: 1.237 L

Mmd: 2.679 g

Qms: 2.764

Qes: 0.677

Qts: .543

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