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Audible Physics

Audible Physics RG100 BLACK 4 ohm and RG50 Active Combo

$ 699.00

The RG Series of loudspeakers by Audible Physics has been a revelation of developments of years of designing and manufacturing of premium loudspeakers.  

The RG100 is a 100mm full range driver that utilizes premium parts as in a strong neodymium motor, copper shorting ring, and premium copper wires and is one of the best products that Audible Physics has created.  The RG100 is a versatile loudspeaker that can be used for home audio and car audio.


The RG50 is a 25mm neodymium soft dome tweeter with a FS of 1300 hz.  


RG 100 Specifications:

Znom                                      4 ohm

Re                                            3.71 ohm

Le                                            0.7 mh @ 1khz

FS                                            89 Hz

Qms                                        1.73

Qes                                          .67      

Qts                                          0.49

Mms                                        3.64 g

Cms                                         0.92 mm /N

Cone Diameter                      7.1 cm

Sd                                            39.6 sq cm

Vas                                          2.03 L

Bl                                             3.46 Tm

SPL                                          85 db / 1m / 1 watt

Voice Coil Diameter               25.5 mm

Xmax                                      +/- 5 mm

Power Handling                    20 watts

Recommended Range           80-20,000 hz

Sold in pairs. 


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